Boltless Shelving

Alniff Industries Pte Ltd carries over two decades of experience as a leading expert in racking and shelving services. We believe in providing only premium installations for our esteemed customers.

We stand firmly on the belief in reducing the burden of cost while facilitating industrial productivity.

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Standard Dimensions

Height : 1800 – 3000 mm
Width : 300 / 450 / 600 mm
Length : 900 / 1050 /1200 / 1500 / 1800 mm
Decking Option : Fibre board / Metal shelf
Capacity : 200 kg per level

Looking For Boltless Shelving?

Why Go Boltless with Shelving?


These shelves are perfect for the optimisation of warehouse spaces. Configure the shelves in multiple variations by simply arranging the tiers according to your preferences. The versatility of these shelves will prevent pricey shelf replacement cost.

Quick Assembly

With the absence of bolts and screws, the shelves are easily assembled compared to traditional bolted fixtures. This reduces the time required in setting up a space and more importantly, the manpower required for the endeavour.


The unique fibreboard material of boltless shelves are made to sustain 200kg per level. These boltless racks are ideal for companies dealing with the storage of lightweight electronics, apparel, as well as automotive and industrial spare parts.

Why Pick Alniff Industries Pte Ltd?

Staying true to our origins, we have remained a valuable problem solver of shelving needs since 1992. The years spent in the field has refined our expertise, advancing us to operate as a one-stop hub for conceptualisation, installation, servicing and training services.


Competitive Prices

From as low as $99, we stock first-rate boltless shelves that are built to last. Our cost-effective shelves are manufactured to surpass your expectations!



We are serious about the standards of our services, proven through past collaborations with prestigious clients such as Hewlett Packard Singapore Pte Ltd, SBS Transit Pte Ltd and IBM International Holdings.


International Reach

Our dedicated services are not confined to Singaporean shores. With strong foreign networks, we continue to provide for clients who decide to take their businesses global, in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, etc. You can trust us to take care of your shelving needs even when you move abroad.

Alniff Industries Pte Ltd specialises in providing only the finest shelving solutions!

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