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A high-performance and durable chain hoist is essential for workers’ efficiency, a safe environment and in ensuring work processes go without a hitch. Due to friction leading to wear and tear, poor quality chain hoists deteriorate quickly over time if operated repeatedly and without proper maintenance.

This is where we at Alniff Industries come in! We are the leading experts in Material Handling Equipment since 1992 and we have served numerous satisfied customers, be it big clients or small companies.

We work with the top chain hoists manufacturers to provide an all-encompassing range of electric chain hoists with both manual or electric trolley capabilities. Combined with unparalleled professional customer service and maintenance from our skilled team, Alniff is confident to meet all your productivity needs!

With the wide array of models and functions available, we know that choosing the right chain hoist can sometimes be confusing.


Full range of electric chain hoists with hook suspension, manual or electric trolley


Maximum lifting capacity up to 25 ton

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Key Considerations For Choosing The Right Chain Hoist


Capacity and Lift

It is important to know the maximum weight of the loads that the equipment is picking up. The chain hoist’s capacity needs to be suitably more than the maximum weight load so to ensure safety and proper functioning even with prolonged use. You also need to determine the amount of lift your application requires, which is simply the distance needed for the chain. We recommend ordering longer metal chains for leeway so that you can use it for a variety of applications.


Check the Speed

The speed in which to lift the load is a crucial factor in deciding the type of chain hoist you want to purchase too. There are new models for modern applications which can lift at high speeds to maximise productivity and profits. If the purpose is simply loading and offloading, and shifting the positions of items, then a moderate speed is sufficient.


Type of Suspension

The two commonly found options for suspending a chain hoist are via Hook mount or Lug mount.

As its name implies, the hook method is attached to the top with a hook and the connection is either rigid and able to swivel. The swivel hook allows for more flexibility because it allows the chain hoist to turn during operation. The lug suspension method uses bolt lugs to mount the chain host to the trolley and is particularly useful when there is limited space.

Other contributing factors include ambient conditions, how often is the hoist in operation daily, the type of load, the type of trolley to use and most importantly, your budget. If you are unsure of your requirements, contact us and let our friendly and experienced sales team provide a detailed analysis plus consultation!

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