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Goods Hoists are commonly used to transport materials vertically up a building or structure and down a shaft below ground level. It is an equipment utilised to transfer cargo from floor to floor, akin to a passenger lift. Materials Hoists are the ideal solution for moving goods across various industries: retail, warehousing, manufacturing and many more. These hoists can be customised to function in a free standing structure or as a comprehensive system integrated into a building lift shaft.

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How It Works

The hoist cage operates via one to three geared brake motors, and this varies according to the the payload of the cage. The geared motor drives a switch acting on the mast rack allow the hoist cage to maneuver in the desired direction . Moreover, there is an independent ‘safety device’ that will be triggered if the hoist cage goes beyond its allocated travel speed in a downward direction. The hoist cage will then come to a controlled stop within three metres of operation.

Hoist cages comes in a variety of sizes: 2.0 – 6.2 metres long, 1.3 – 2.0 metres wide and payload between 750 – 3200KG. Hoists can also be configured to suit most applications in the construction and industrial sectors.

Additionally, there are different drive technologies and control systems to suit the intended use of hoists which provide a more reliable and profitable solution for your hoisting needs.

Benefits and Advantages


Hoisting equipment can be attuned to one’s needs. This can be done with below the hook attachments, end effectors or specialized tooling to manage a diverse variety of products and loads.


By engaging hoisting to carry out heavy lifting duties, these equipment thus takes the strain off operators, reduce fatigue and lowering the risk of injury which are often consequences of manual labour.


Hoisting equipment is very versatile as it can easily be re-fitted for longer lifting capability. It is also highly portable as it can be used both inside a facility and outside, on the dock or in the yard.

Lower maintenance costs

With latest technologies coming abroad, and provided in a variety of usage and capacity ratings, hoisting equipment thus requires lesser maintenance compared to other lifting devices.


Due to its system of operating overhead, goods hoists are more unlikely to cause any mishaps as compared to forklift traffic.

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