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Alniff Industries Pte Ltd specializes in Material Handling Equipment, Magnetic Products and Racking & Shelving.

We also offer loads more including High-Speed doors that’re usually used in industrial applications. They’re more commonly regarded as sectional doors that have been given a technical upgrade.

Looking For High Speed Doors?


Reliably Impressive Supplier

Our High-Speed doors are all supplied by a reliable company from United Kingdom – H’o’rmann.

Founded in 1979, H’o’rmann’s recognized as Europe’s leading supplier in the sector of construction components market involving doors, frames and operators.

Fast forward 40 years later sees H’o’rmanns success scattered across the globe be it in Asia or even North America. Production locations have also multiplied worldwide.

With a scale that large, it’s no surprise how H’o’rmann supplies everything that are of high quality, creative and customer oriented.


H’o’rmann is known for their high-speed process in designing products. Their newfangled modern process in making their products enables them to process each and every product speedily without jeopardizing its quality.

Thus, you’d be able to enjoy a fully-completed and installed High-Speed Door in no time at all given the speed of how our suppliers have been making them.


All of our High-Speed doors have been equipped with high thermal insulation, light grilles and fast opening speed.

Latter will prove beneficial in accelerating and optimizing work processes.

Non-Contact Safety

Our safety light grill High-Speed Doors are equipped with a door closing zone of up to 2500 mm.

Hence, rest assured, these doors will never come in contact with anything that rolls pass it.

Quiet & Long-Lasting

They’re also equipped with standard frequency converter control which removes stress off whole doors mechanism thus enabling you to enjoy a quiet and long-lasting wear-free door.


Armed with 26-mm-thick DURATEC double-glazing ensures your High-Speed doors with maximum scratch resistance which can double up as a form that provides superior thermal insulation values.

Why Choose the Company?

Formed in 1992, we’re able to provide you options aplenty be it compact spiral guide ones to those that uses either space-saving track application or adjustable track applications, to name a few.

Even transparent ones or those for large openings, you name it! We provide it.

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