Hydraulic Goods Lift

Founded in 1992, Alniff Industries Pte Ltd is the number one company that’s recommended when Material Handling Equipments, Magnetic Products or even Racking & Shelvings are involved.

Aforementioned products are merely crumbs of what we have to offer. Yes, we offer lots more. One of them being the Hydraulics Goods Lift.

Hydraulics Goods Lift is a versatile lift catered for loads, be it light or heavy.


Individually made industrial goods lift according to the design and layout


Can be constructed in existing lift shafts or to have an individual freestanding lift shaft with standard enclosures


Comes with proper safety switches and interlocking features

Looking For Hydraulic Goods Lift?


Impressive Weight Limit

Unlike ordinary lifts, weight isn’t an issue for Hydraulics Goods Lift.

Whilst ordinary lifts usually have a maximum weight limit of merely 600kg, our Hydraulics Goods Lift is able to withstand a maximum weight of a whopping 5000kg.

Flexibly Easy Installation

Compared to what many may deem as normal lifts, Hydraulics Goods Lifts needs no overhead room or lift-shafts making it easy to be installed whenever and wherever.

Some may be unaware of this but it brings us pleasure to inform you on how our Hydraulics Goods Lift can also be constructed on already existing lift shafts.

Additionally, you may opt for individual freestanding lift shaft with standard enclosures instead.


Here at Alniff, we customize each and every Hydraulics Goods Lift based on provided layout.

Working hand in hand alongside our customers, we will come up with a design that’ll enable the Hydraulics Goods Lift to be installed in given space, no matter the size or shape.

Safe & Secure

All our Hydraulics Goods Lift are equipped with interlocking features and proper safety switches thereby enabling both us as the provider of the products and clients alike to be assured and somewhat relieved when safety along with how secure it is, are being questioned.

Why Choose the Company?

Our success as a company being in this field for over 27 years is evident, what with how we were able to set ourselves apart from competitors which enabled us to work with reputable companies like Hewlett Packett Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd, to name a few.

Aiming to always improve efficiency and overall performance, you are one call away from being a satisfied customer.

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