Lifting Magnets

A lifting magnet is an ideal tool not only for carrying products such as machined parts, steel plates, bar, tubes and more but also useful when an electric power source is not readily available.

Looking For Lifting Magnets?

The Capabilities of A Lifting Magnet

This compact and robust device utilises permanent magnets that is capable of holding power indefinitely which eliminates any risk that comes with loading and unloading. With the use of an intense magnetic field, a lifting magnet is able to lift thick, ferrous items of any surface and support a weight of up to 3,500 KG. Because they do not require an electric source, lifting magnets are also incredibly efficient as this tool is free from the hassles that comes with power cords.

Why Do I Need One?

We have been offering quality magnetic products since 1992. Having accrued vast industrial experiences, we are thoroughly equipped with the expertise to meet the varying demands of our customers.


Ensures Total Safety

Lifting magnets is essentially a handling system built on fail-proof magnetic technology. The mechanisms of a lifting magnet further ensures precision lifting in its product design.


Ultimate Efficiency

Alniff’s lifting magnets are based on speed optimization and promises to deliver world class results. These magnets can efficiently load and unload in one simple and single automated motion. Since lifting magnets only require one lifting surface, they do not require much storage space or overhead room for that matter.


Eliminates Any Damage To The Load

The rotor of a lifting magnet is always the only part that is moving, ensuring that physical contact with the load is kept to a minimum so that it is free from any damage.

Alniff’s Product Design

Alniff’s corporate mission is to maintain a strict quality of goods, solutions and services that stands out in their competitive industry. Their enthusiasm, aggressiveness and flexibility ensures that customers are provided with complete solutions related to their logistic needs.

Sector Expertise

Operational safety is Alniff’s first and foremost consideration which sets them apart from the competition. Alniff is the number one choice for material handling equipments with reputable companies such as SBS Transit Pte Ltd, IBM International Holdings and Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd.

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Alniff is constantly aiming to improve their performance to match the needs of their customers — get in touch today and discover the best service you would ever find!

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