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Established in 1992, Alniff Industries Pte Ltd holds over 20 years of experience as an expert in magnetic products. We believe in providing only the best quality services and installations to each of our valued customers.

The staff at Alniff Industries Pte Ltd believe in tailor-made solutions that reduce base cost and overhead charges, while improving industrial productivity.

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Looking For Magnetic Sheets?

Usefulness of Magnetic Sheets

Labeling on Magnetic Shelves

Magnetic shelves may be conveniently labelled with the sheets, simply attach them to the front of the shelves/racks and detach them when no longer in use. No more mess and fuss with traditional stickers and adhesive labels. Magnetic tags may be conveniently shifted when necessary.

Ease of Advertising

Magnetic sheets are made from easy-to-print-on material, allowing customers to effectively produce and distribute customised designs for their marketing efforts using magnetic boards. Additionally, the strong magnetism of the products keeps promotional pieces set in their place.

Reinforcing Doors

Strategically-positioned magnetic strips serve as reinforcements for door security. This is useful practice in environments involving young children, such as the premises of a preschool or aftercare facility.

Magnetic Tape

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We have been offering quality magnetic products since 1992. Having accrued vast industrial experiences, we are thoroughly equipped with the expertise to meet the varying demands of our customers.



Pick the size, thickness and grade of the magnets to suit your project needs. We will cater to your specifications, providing nothing but he ideal solution.



With our years of expertise, we have earned the trust of big companies such as Hewlett Packard Singapore Pte Ltd, SBS Transit Pte Ltd and IBM International Holdings.


Hassle-free Quotation System

If the dimensions of a desired magnet seem irregular, send us a photo of a sample or its concept and we will do our best to quote a price.

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