Material Handling Equipment

As your company grows to handle larger goods and a growing inventory, material handling equipment is key to ensuring that both your products and your staff are safe and well taken care of at all times.

When it comes to moving heavy equipment or large materials, being sorry should never be an option. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with these complex equipment, purchasing one that fits your needs can be a daunting task.

Alniff Industries Pte. Ltd. supplies a plentiful range of material handling equipment to meet your needs whether industrial or workspace related.

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The Different Varieties of Material Handling Equipment


Unit Load Formation Equipment

With the transportation of material, the first problem often encountered is the placement and restraining of said material prior to the actual re-allocation. Unit load formation equipment includes classic, non-machinery driven, tools such as slipsheets and pallets.

These allow the containment and restraining of the material to ease the process of transporting goods without fear of disarray.


Transport Equipment

Piling everything onto a slipsheet or pallet is usually only just step one. After all, the whole point of securing goods onto such a base is to move it. Hence the use of transport equipment. Ranging from conveyor belt-based mechanism to pallet jacks, transport equipment is sometimes erroneously considered as simply being vehicles.

In truth, transport equipment are dedicated to the safety of user and material as much as the transportation. Even trucks are specially built for these purpose and can therefore not be driven on roads.


Storage Equipment

Given the nature of locations and businesses that required material handling equipment, all of these would be for naught if there weren’t equipment dedicated to the storage of materials.

Space is a currency in the storage business and saving space is often the difference between profit and loss. Good storage equipment such as racking systems, A-frames, and boltless shelves can help you conveniently store material.This frees up precious floor space allowing for safe and efficient navigation of personnel and forklifts.


Positioning Equipment

While most people’s concern with material handling equipment often concerns the first three categories, arguably the most significant one is often overlooked: positioning equipment. Ranging from hoists, mechanical and automated, to robots, positioning equipment primarily serves to create an efficient process.

Positioning equipment ensures that the materials being dealt with are conveniently placed to allow accessibility to workers, reducing chances of damage to materials or personnel.

Equipment for Any Need

The range of material handling equipment equipment at Alniff is bound to serve your purpose, given our extensive track record and reputable clientele, including companies such as SBS Transit Pte Ltd and Hewlett Packard Singapore Pte Ltd.

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