Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking systems have become a core feature of intralogistics and for storing goods. Not only do they provide for an extremely dense storage medium, a heavy duty racking system allows you to design the perfect storage space that caters to your everyday needs.

Looking For Heavy Duty Racking?

Why Do I Need A Heavy Duty Racking System?

A heavy duty racking system is essentially a storage solution that is cost-effective, secure and compact. This particular system comes in especially handy when your conventional pallet racking is unable to support heavier loads, making it an ideal addition to your warehouse storage needs.

Features & Options

With a heavy duty racking system, your warehouse will be able to accomodate a large number of goods of raw materials and other products.

Optimized Load Bearing Capabilities

The specifications of this system is a combination of solid steel sections which allows for bay loads of up to 32,000 kg and beam loads of more than 6,000 kg. The rack system is also designed to ensure stability and eliminates any risk of it kinking or bending over time.

Easily Customizable To Meet Your Needs

The size, structure, capacity and design of a heavy duty racking system is highly modifiable and can easily match your warehouse storage needs.

Improves Warehouse Layout

Specifically designed for medium to large sized products, this system further ensures that your industrial shelving is easily accessible by forklifts, turret trucks or an electric reach.

A Smarter Warehouse

Alniff’s multi-tiered heavy duty racking ensures that your warehouse space is being optimized. All available headroom will be maximized to make space for additional storage of goods. Additionally, its modular construction ensures the system keeps up with any changes in storage needs as it is fully adjustable.

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