Industrial Sectional Doors

Hörmann Sectional doors open vertically and thus create more space in front of and behind the door. The door sections are parked flat underneath the ceiling, vertically above the opening or in line with the roof. Series 50 sectional doors, made of steel-SPU, steel/aluminium combination-APU or aluminium-ALR, are set apart by the programme range, top door design and certified security.
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Looking For Industrial Sectional Doors?

Why Get An Industrial Sector Door Installed

More Space

The industrial sector doors that we provide are Hörmann Sectional door designs. Meaning, they open and close vertically. This special design enables you to not worry about extra lee-way space for the door when it opens and closes.

Space is an expensive commodity in any warehouse. We understand that at Alniff thus, providing a solution that is smart and cost-effective.

Heightens Security

These industrial sectional doors are much faster when it comes to functionality. Therefore, they are able to open and close instantly to provide protection quick.

In addition, when it comes to the strength and penetrability of these doors, it is top-notch and highly durable. It would be extremely difficult to break into your office and factory with these industrial sector doors installed.

The Series 50 sectional doors are made of steel-SPU, steel/aluminium combination-APU, or aluminium-ALR.

Professional Appearance

Guiding and showcasing your clients in your office or factory is part and parcel of every business. Appearance and first-impression count a lot. Present your company as a professional with Alniff’s industrial sectional doors, where you get to choose the design and colour that best fits your needs.

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In addition, Alniff Industries Pte Ltd allows for customisation that is much more flexible than many other companies. We have the ability to provide to your specific and unique requirement and needs when it comes to industrial sector doors.

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