Racking System

In any warehouse, it is important to have good shelving and racking to keep your pallets and shipments in order. That’s why it’s important to invest in a racking system to organise items categorically so that items can be shipped efficiently.

At Alniff Industries, we have years of experience in manufacturing racking systems with clients across Europe and North Asia. Read on to find out more about what racking systems can do for your business needs.

Looking For Rackings?

What is a Racking System?

Racking systems are an efficient way to store materials and shipments in horizontal rows, stacked over multiple levels. These systems, especially heavy duty ones, can go as high as over 50 meters. But it depends on your needs, fire code, and safety system. So be sure to communicate this to your staff members and keep tabs on any loose components on the racking system after purchasing. We can help facilitate maintenance on the racking system if there are any loose parts.

To access the vertical rows, we also provide scissor lift tables and dock levellers.

Why Use a Racking System?

A racking system allows warehouses to save on floor space by utilising vertical space. Therefore, businesses that are asset heavy will save costs when purchasing or renting floor space. In land scarce Singapore, this is all the more important to ensure that vertical space is maximised to save on rent through the racking system.

Racking systems come in sizes that allow the most standard pallet sizes to fit. We follow the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) codes to ensure that various pallet sizes can fit into the racking, and it can be easily customised to suit your warehousing needs.

What Types of Racking Systems does Alniff Industries Provide?

Alniff industries has the following types of racking systems.


Boltless Shelving

No need to worry about bolting shelves together with this racking system, the boltless shelves are lightweight, flexible, and versatile. They are commonly used to store lightweight electronic and mechanical components, alongside apparel and footwear.


Cantilever Racks

With its composite structure, cantilever racks are easy to set up and dismantle, making it a good choice if you need to store long items like pipes, rods, and tubes.


Drive-in Racking

Besides optimising your vertical spaces, drive-in racks are optimised for horizontal space if you are dealing with high volumes. This system can minimise the number of aisles and are good for storing large amounts of homogenous products.

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